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360n7pro -Best Smartphone review 2019 

It's in this mystery box which has only one letter, and that is our R could mean anything is this a phone from Randy Orton.  Probably not it's actually from a company that is super-unknown, and it goes by the name of smarty sanan. This company is the first in the world to release a one terabyte flagship phone the note night maybe the popular one.

But this was the first one to have that so we'll be taking a look at this phone from smartisan that is called a smarty saw an r1. There are a lot of exciting things going on with this phone from its design to its software to its internal things. So I'm going to be taking a look at that in this video, so what is smartest on r1 well it's a phone that is kind of like one plus six of China meaning you get flashy features at a lower price. And we talked about the build quality it has a unique looking design. We understand the 3d gloss on the front and the back we got a unique look for the dual cameras. There's this space in the middle that creates this different look and also here you can see the letter.

This is the logo for the company, and there's also act as a fingerprint scanner. So we have the aluminum sides, and they have a unique look because they have this golden strip going around all the way make the phone stand out, and the favorite thing is the keys on this phone the way they are shaped they remind me of the iPhone 4s. The phone is good for watching movies and videos online because it has fantastic battery life. So if you want to download youtube video downloader to your phone, then Tubemate youtube downloader is the best app for it.


What are the top features?

So we have the plus key for volume up and minus key for amount down and towards the left-hand side is a key and no it is not an AI key it is a shortcut key there are a couple of functions that you can assign to this key such as going into this multi-window feature.  I think it's my first and the only phone that has this dedicated shortcut key for user actions now there is no headphone jack on the phone. So you have a type C down low out of the box, but it does Rock stereo speaker now from the front look it does have a notch which is very similar to the essential phone there are you up front is something that Samson could do with their you shaped notch phones mid-range films in the future. 360 n7 pro model comes with awesome head set which is helps to listen song, for this you can use Pandora apk app. Pandora apk app is online music library.

So it's kind of like that, and by default, the notch is turned off so far I've not been able to turn it on from the setting. Price a good thing since it does utilize the knotch in a good way like you have your relevant information on the sides and it does have intelligent optimization with applications such as YouTube. If you play videos they're not going to go with the nod the earpiece on this phone is situated right above the u-shaped notch, and it doubles as a speaker.

So this has a very decent to your speaker system to a unique design is excellent. But what makes this phone particular is its internals, so it comes with is the snap break and eight forty-five processors with six gigs of RAM.  It's fast, and if you want to, then you can go with the one terabyte version which is the most special version. That comes with eight gigs of RAM if you guys need to add my stories so this display is actually pretty bright, but sadly it's not an OLED display it is LCD so even when the notch is disabled you can still see it in some lighting conditions.


Latest updates and upgrades of 360n7pro

So again this is their first flagship phone. That is also cheaper specific to China, so they had cut their corners shot in some areas like the display. But still it's a very decent display coming at 6.1 inches size with a 1080p HD resolution now summarize it happened with its launcher called as smarty son launcher and I wasn't a big fan of it, so I changed it to Noah launcher but other than the launcher the stalker.

360n7 pro phone model supports Whatsapp plus app perfectly, as well as if you want to keep  Whatsapp online your pc then now Whatsapp allow that feature too. 

360n 7pro model has amazing front camera so you can make small videos and share it gb whatsapp. if you wish to install gb whatsapp apk then click here to  download latest file from official web.

Features are exciting so first up is the navigation gesture system. This is very similar to what sampling is doing with this one UI, so you have same nav Marquis functions, but you have to swipe instead of capping on them. And I like it a lot because it works very smoothly the multitasking tray is different from anything I've ever seen, so it has this control center as well as the apps that are opened in the background showing at the same time.

You can open up your recent applications or close them by clicking on this cross key which kind of reminds me of the old days of iOS. And then you also get a full control off your settings such as Wi-Fi Bluetooth loads of loads of options to play with my favorite one. Here is the ability to do fraudulent calls so this sets a timer you can see it says calling after one minute so after one minute I'll get a fake call so as you can see I'm getting this phone call a phony phone call from this guy John Doe.

If I answer it, this guy spoke Chinese for some few seconds and then it stopped. And it helps you to get out from certain situations if you are ditching someone for some reason you can have this fake call features. So you also get the reading mode aka nighttime vision there's a multi-window kind of way that I've assigned to this shortcut key on the left.


Camera and display quality

If I press it initiates that and this mode allows me to do a lot of things quickly such as going into my images checking out my file seeing what's copied to the clipboard. And also some of the app shortcuts that I've set so I can add apps here if I want to and I can remove it, and this is called as one step feature which you can turn off. you can easily use for this camera to create amazing videos using video star for musically app.

 If you go on now, there's also another unique way of pretty much controlling all the applications. And stuff at once so if I swipe from the bottom like slowly it takes me to this space in this space, I have access to all of my applications. So you can see a pointer on the screen, and I can move around by moving the phone it's using the gyroscope to move around the screen, and if I point the gyroscope to any applications such as YouTube, it takes me to that, so it's like instantly getting a significant access to pretty much everything. 

That is on the phone like the ass and your recent switch. It's a unique software feature of this film that I've never seen before on the phone now than that. This phone is rocking Android 8.1 Oreo now what about those eyes those cameras on the back, so we have 12 megapixels Sony AMX 363 sensor with F of 1.8 aperture, and the front camera is coming at a 20 megapixel with F of 1.7 holes.


Final conclusion of 360n7pro

This phone can take pretty good photos in them, but I checked it out in the night time and low-light situations, so it did well like it's a solid b-plus camera the AI integration is pretty good. It can detect seems pretty good, so I was taking photos outdoor in night's issue overall it is a decent camera for this phone it came with a 3600 mAh battery and combined with a 1080p display I was able to get a perfect battery time out of this phone almost one day on average and it has quick josh 4.0.

It's the first phone to have quick charge 4.0 with fast charging the smartest on our one is a good phone with flashy features at a lower price but because the company is tiny and unknown this one wasn't launched worldwide.It was only launched in China. But I would love to see a flagship phone next year the smartest on r2 from this company in other regions as well.

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